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About Everage Auto in Angola, IN


We are the dealership that you can trust for selection, quality, and value.

Craig Everage


For over 14 years, Craig has been serving the Angola community by providing his customers with high quality vehicles at prices that will not break the budget.  


When he is not at the dealership, Craig enjoys spending time with his wife and 2 children at the lake as well as dominating the competition on the race track.  Congratulations, Craig on your Late Model Feature win earlier this year at Flat Rock Speedway in Carleton, Michigan.


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Troy McCready

General Manager

For over 21 years, Troy has helped thousands of customers acheive the dream of getting into a nicer or newer vehicle at an affordable payment.  We welcomed Troy into the Everage Auto family November 1st 2019.


Troy is committed to going the extra mile to help every customer.  He will give every customer the time and attention necessary in order to find a way to say "Yes!"  even if they have been told "No!" several times before.


Troy has a wife and 1 daughter Mckenzy. When he is not busy getting customers into a new vehicle He is either playing golf are out sking or snowboarding.  He also enjoys travelling,  and just relaxing.  


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